Face Care

The basics of every woman's beauty is healthy and radiant complexion.. Proper skin care will allow you to be happy with smooth. full of shine, radiant and nourished skin free of imperfections. For achieving this effect a correct selection of cosmetics is needed, which will fulfil the needs of your skin.

The first element of skin care is it's proper cleansing, starting from make-up removal, through washing and finishing with toner. After the correct cleansing it's necessary to properly moisturise the skin during the day and ensuring it the fitting regeneration during the night.

Besides the basic elements of daily skin care it's worth it to try beauty filling treatments, such as dead skin exfoliating peelings, masks or specialised serums, accurately selected for the requirements of our skin.

Wide palette of available cosmetics in our store will allow you to perfectly match cosmetics that will meet the needs of your complexion in a reasonable price.

Face Care

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